Fajã Grande – Ponta Delgada Tour
Ideal time: 9.00 – 13.00

Departing from the bathing area of Fajã Grande we quickly arrived in one of the reference places of Flores island and the Azores in general, Poço do Bacalhau. After that we go to Aldeia da Cuada, which was once a village full of people and is nowadays an exquisite tourist village. An obligatory passage point in this visit to Flores island is also Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro, which requires a short walk, but surely will worth the effort. Almost without realizing it, we arrive to Portal viewpoint and, a little further ahead, to Craveiro Lopes, two unique points of view of the valley on which they stand, Fajã Grande, Cuada and Fajãzinha. In the viewpoint of Lagoas Negra e Comprida we can admire the 180º view, perfect for a panoramic photograph. Then we continue the “circuit” for the remaining seven wonderful lakes, in the following sequence: Branca, Seca, Funda, Rasa and finally, Lagoa da Lomba. Finally we arrived at the masterpiece of the island, Rocha dos Bordões. This whole sequence will depend on the starting point. If the tour starts in Santa Cruz it will have a reversed order.

Poço do Bacalhau;
Aldeia da Cuada;
Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro;
Fajãzinha’s mill;
Portal viewpoint;
Craveiro Lopes viewpoint;
Lagoa Comprida e Lagoa Negra;
Lagoa Funda e Lagoa Rasa;
Lagoa da Lomba;
Rocha dos Bordões.

Minimum equipment required
Footwear suitable for hiking (boots), waterproof jacket and pants, comfortable clothing, extra t-shirt or sweater, bathing suit, towel, backpack, sunscreen and hat.

Transfer from the intended place for the tour and return.

Guide in Portuguese, English, French, Italian or German.

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