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7 Lagoons + South of Flores Tour

Quick Details


  • Insurance
  • Transfer from your accommodation and back
  • Guide in English
  • Taxes

What to bring

Hiking footwear, comfortable outfit, light jacket, t-shirt or an extra shirt, snack/small meal, water, bathing suit, towel, backpack, sunscreen, and a hat.

Adolescent (6-12 years)
Child (<6 years)

Discover Flores Island’s 7 Lagoons and Rocha dos Bordões

This tour goes through the central plateau of the island where we can find or are located the wonderfull lakes but one thing is sure we don’t leave any of the seven lakes behind To complement this tour along the lakes what better them to pass through one of Flores Island ex libris, Rocha dos Bordões For many years this was the main reason of interest for the many travelers that came to the islands of the western group In this moment the tour is half way but we still have some
viewpoints with stunnigs views like the Craveiro Lopes, the Portal and the Lajedo After catching our breath we visit one of the most imposing rock in the Island, the Filão dos Frades, where you can take a picture and see for yourself the dimension of this rock. It isn’t a tour in the Azores if we didn’t link the island to its past with whaling and show its roots in the Whale Museum in
the village of Lajes


7 Lagoas
Rocha dos Bordões
Miradouro do Portal
Miradouro Craveiro Lopes
Museu da Baleia – Lajes
Igreja das Lajes
Miradouro do Lajedo
Rocha dos Frades