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Green Wonders Tour

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  • Insurance
  • Transfer from the accommodation and back
  • Guide in English or German
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What to bring

Hiking footwear, comfortable outfit, light jacket, t-shirt or an extra shirt, snack/small meal, water, bathing suit, towel, backpack, sunscreen, and a hat.

Please note that this tour can be booked as a group or a private tour!

Private Group (1-8)

Flores Island Green Wonders Tour

Explore the natural beauty of Flores Island with us on this amazing tour. Visit Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro, Poço do Bacalhau, Seven Lagoons, Rocha dos Bordões, Ponta Delgada Viewpoint, Portal Viewpoint, and much more.

We are the only tour company that allows you to enjoy all of these experiences in one tour. We have guides with great knowledge of the endemic species, as well as the main historical facts of the island.

Don’t miss this unforgettable experience on Flores Island!


Alagoa Ponta Ruíva (museu + miradouro Ilhéu Furado)
Miradouro de Ponta Delgada
7 Lagoas
Rocha dos Bordões
Miradouro do Portal
Miradouro Craveiro Lopes
Vila das Lajes
Igreja das Lajes
Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro
Fajã Grande
Poço do Bacalhau