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Ruins Experience

Quick Details

Start: Lajedo
End: Poço da Rib do Ferreiro
Total distance: 7.8 km
Difficulty: 2 (1-5)


  • Insurance
  • Transfer from your place to the trail and back
  • Guide in English
  • Taxes

What to bring

Hiking footwear, comfortable outfit, light jacket, t-shirt or an extra shirt, snack/small meal, water, bathing suit, towel, backpack, sunscreen and a hat.

Adolescent (6-12 years)
Child (<6 years)

Hike Through Flores Island’s Ruins

This hike starts in the civil parish of Lajedo, also known as the place where the Slavonia shipwrecked. Right at the beginning, we realize that the greenery and the water are a constant presence throughout the trail. You can find a little bit of everything around here, like breathtaking landscapes, small animals, and endemic species.

We continue our path near Rocha dos Bordões, which has unusual scenery. This valley seems to convey something transcendental. Next we arrive in another village, Mosteiro, which seems deserted, but it’s actually home to nice and hardworking people.

Here lies one of the few identified pirates of the Azores. We see the ruins of Caldeira, which was probably a small village, although with large houses. We then take an asphalt road for a short stretch, but only until we start the steep descent to Fajãzinha, where delicious cheeses are waiting for you to taste them near Pico Redondo.