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Water Route Experience

Quick Details

Starts: Ponta Ruiva
End: Barragem, Fazenda de Santa Cruz
Total distance: 8 km
Difficulty: 3 (1-5)


  • Insurance
  • Transfer from your place to the trail and back
  • Guide in English
  • Taxes

What to bring

Hiking footwear, comfortable outfit, light jacket, t-shirt or an extra shirt, snack/small meal, water, backpack, sunscreen, and a hat.

Adolescent (6-12 years)
Child (<6 years)

Hike Along Flores Island’s Waterways

This route starts with the descent from Ponta Ruiva, passing through Cedros and arriving at the famous Alagoa. Along the way, we can find traces of the hard work of those who used to cultivate the land. Learn about the history of the island as we hike along its important waterways

Here and there we can see some traces of modernization, which has changed life on the island. The population does not depend on farming to survive anymore and is adapting to these changes. We arrive at Alagoa, a natural viewpoint where we can admire the rocks carved by the sea over thousands of years. Here we stop to regain our strengths before we face a climb that takes us back to civilization.

And what symbolizes the presence of mankind? Water! The remaining trail leads us along the watercourse, which used to run freely across the stream, but is nowadays the guarantee of energy to all the island. It is precisely near the dam where we finish our trail, but we still have time to go to the Forest Reserve and taste a delicious cheese made by local experts.