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Life as a German in a completely different, very exciting world

A short interim assessment after 5 1/4 years live on the island of Flores… or life as a German in a completely different, very exciting world
Joachim Holl - Ilha das Flores
The start of the new phase of life was completely different from what I originally planned.
It was characterized by misdirections, false statements and even strong pressure from alleged joys, which, as it turned out after a while, only wanted to silver-plate their own advantage. No, they weren’t Portuguese! Fortunately, I recognized this at 3 to 12 and ended the contact.
Yes, when this hurdle seemed to be over, the divorce triggered by my former wife became a reality.
So much on the edge and also concluding with my private situation in the middle of the start-up process for a better life, another life.

I had a lot of very difficult situations, sometimes just moments.
From the very beginning, however, I always had great and concrete helping and supportive people at my side.

A declaration of love to Portuguese and Azoreans …
I am again and again overwhelmed (still today after more than 5 years) by: the warmth of the heart, honestly meant and lived friendliness, helpfulness, open-mindedness, hospitality, straightforwardness, uncanny courtesy (com licença is so often used), respect, incredible tolerance , Serenity in everyday life, hard-working people, the pride in their country, the warmth of greeting even at the first time, the importance of the family, the humility. People who live in a good position are very open to help those who live in bad conditions.

Joachim Holl - Ilha das FloresI always try to counter these characteristics with something similar.
However, I myself have a hard time assessing whether this always works well enough, but I try very hard.

It would surely be wrong to deny all that German in Germany.
However, the living level, especially here on Ilha Flores, takes place, to put it mildly, at an incomparably much higher level. … and to experience that makes me very happy!

They say I am typically German. And I think that I am deeply rooted in some typical German characteristics that I am proud of.
(punctual, super disciplined, very conscientious, very orderly, keen to experiment.)
I know that sounds very down-to-earth, but not exactly sexy. I try (hopefully more and more successfully) to live the best for my being from both cultures. I find that quite attractive.
Vivenda Joaquim - Ilha das Flores Where there is light, there is of course always some shade.
Due to this overdose of light here on Flores, I find the shadow not very pronounced or even disturbing. All that positive is always and clearly superior.

I am the happy landlord of two cute Alojamento Local.
The two cottages (The two cottages (Casa Pedras Brancas & Vivenda Joaquim) can be booked in Lajes das Flores, Azores (Portugal) since around mid-2018. They have been completely renovated and refurbished to ensure maximum comfort. I am always striving to offer my guests the greatest possible feel-good factor.
Every guest is very welcome to me!


Joachim Holl

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